Indian Army Technical Eligibility 2022 – Age, Height, Chest, Weight

Indian Army Technical Eligibility 2022 – Age, Height, Chest, Weight. Hello once again to another article of eligibility. So, maybe there are some questions in your mind. Like what is army technical? or what does it work? If yes so don’t worry about anything. Once again we are here to help you to clear your all doubts.

However, there are so many people who appear for the test every year. Although, only a few of them will be able to pass or clear all of them. So, let’s talk about technical posts. Of all the trades, the technical post is the toughest of all others. As it requires the proper knowledge of science background.

Although, first thing first you need to take part in the recruitment process of army technical. Also, you can apply for the post online. So, check our article on the Indian Army Online Form Application & Registration 2022. In this article, you will find every detail about the eligibility and a little about the selection process too.

Indian Army Technical Eligibility Criteria

Meanwhile, you are thinking about the work of an army technical person. So, let us tell you all about it. As you know army has a large number of weapons and machines. So, they need persons to do operates and maintain them. They are also known as dynamic problem solvers.

However, they will then test the many weapons, vehicles, and devices during simulated combat conditions. Therefore, the army needs science background persons. Afterward, they all are trained in different fields such as electrical, mechanical, and technical.

Since we discuss the whole criteria down below. So, you can have an idea about all the things you need to know.

(I) Educational Qualification

So, for joining the Indian Army Technical educational criteria see the table below.

Class Required Subject Overall Percentage Subject wise Percentage
12th Science ( PCM+English) 50% 40%

According to the table, you should have scored 40% in all the subjects and 50% overall. Also, you should have PCM and English as the main subject in class 12th. Otherwise, you are not able to clear the criteria.

(II) Age Qualification

So, for joining the Indian Army Technical your age should be between 17½ – 23 years. However, for checking your eligibility you have to match your age with the one given in the form. So, if you fall under the age limit given in the form then you are eligible for the post.

So, 17½-23 years means greater than or equal to 17 & a half years or 6 months and smaller than 23 years old. Also, it is a necessary condition you have to fulfill. However, you can get age relaxation if you follow under the special category which we mentioned below in this article.

(III) Martial Qualification

However, the candidate must be unmarried. Although, if you are below than 21 years & married to the widow of a deceased brother. In that case, you are also eligible for instant enrolment.

(IV) Nationality

So, for the nationality criteria, you must have the id proof given by the government of India. To prove the following category.

  • Indian citizen
  • A subject of Bhutan or Nepal.
  • Also a migrant of Indian origin from Pakistan/ Ethiopia/East African countries of Kenya/Uganda/the United Republic of Tanzania/Zambia/Malawi/Zaire/Vietnam Burma/Sri Lanka.

(V) Physical Qualification

Now, this is quite tough for some of you but don’t worry we are here to help you. Also, we give you all the data about this. So, you can practice it before your exam day and clear it very ease. Although, for clearing this you need to be in proper shape.

Hence, it has different measurements in it like, height, weight, and chest. In fact, we provide the full details below in a table for you. So, read it and try to focus on your lacking area.

Region States Height (in cm) Weight (in Kg) Chest (in cm)
Western  Himalayan Region Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab Hills, Uttarakhand 163 48 77
Eastern Himalayan Region Sikkim, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam, and Hill Region of West Bengal (Gangtok, Darjeeling, and Kalimpong Districts) 157 48 77
Western Plains Region Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Western Uttar Pradesh (Meerut and Agra Division) 170 50 77
Eastern Plains Region Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Orissa 169 50 77
Central  Region Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Dadar, Nagar Haveli, Daman, and Diu 167 50 77
Southern  Region Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa, and Puducherry 165 50 77

These are all the things you should have known before going for the exam. Also, if you miss out on any criteria then you are not eligible. So, make sure you fall under these criteria. Although, there is some relaxation for some special candidates which we discuss below.

Some Special Physical Standards

So, here we were given the table for relaxation in physical standards for some special candidates.

Physical Standards Height (Cms) Chest (Cms) Weight (Kgs)
Sons of Servicemen(SOS) / Ex-Servicemen (SOEX)/ War Widows(SOWW) / Widows of Ex-Servicemen. 2 1 2
Adopted son/son-in-law of a War Widow. If she has no son including a legally adopted son of Serving Soldier / Ex-Servicemen 2 1 2
Sportsmen who have represented National / State level having secured 1st / 2nd Position in last two years. 2 3 5
A sportsman who has represented India at the international level or state at National Level. 2 3 5

So, according to the table if you fall under any of these categories. Then, you can have some benefits for your height, weight, and chest.

(VI) Medical Qualification

Firstly, we have discussed physical eligibility. So, if you have fulfilled those criteria then you have to make sure that you are medically fit. Hence, let us discuss some medical criteria.

  • You should have good physical and mental health also.
  • There should not be any disease related to the bones, lungs, kidney, etc.
  • Also, you should have at least 14 dental points.
  • You don’t have any hearing aid.
  • Also, you should have a vision of 6/6.
  • Although, your color vision should be CP–III (able to recognize white, red, and green signals).
  • You should not have any internal or external injuries.
  • Also, there are some other rules for tattoos on your body.
  • You must not have any deforming diseases like piles, hydrocele, varicocele, etc.
  • Also, you should have a well-developed chest and can expand to 5cms.

There are some more medical standards in the Indian Army Technical. Hence, to know about all of them you can check here the full list of medical standards.

Note: I humbly request you to read the medical criteria mentioned above. Also, please before going to the rally consult a doctor for a full body checkup. As many candidates get rejected in the medical round as well.

Selection Process

This contains 3 tests in it. Like Physical Fitness Test (PFT), Medical Test, and Written Test (CEE). Although, before all this, you have to go through the online registration too. If you want to take part in the process, then the first step is to register for the Rally.

Online registration

Firstly, to appear in the Bharti Rally Recruitment after checking the eligibility criteria. The first thing is to fill the online registration form on the official website of the Indian Army. That is,, and register yourself.

So, After registration. The Rally starts and you have to reach the venue. Afterward, all the important documents of yours will be verified. After verification, the following tests will be conducted:

  • PFT (Physical Fitness Test).
  • Medical Test.
  • CEE (Common Entrance Exam) or Written Test.

Physical Fitness Test

This is also known as the hard part of the selection. Although, in the Indian Army Technical the hardest part will be considered to the written test. Also, for reaching the written test, you first have to clear this stage. This stage has 4 different types of tests.

  1. Running of 1.6 Kms.
  2. Pull-ups.
  3. Zig-Zag Balance.
  4. 9 feet ditch.

So, let’s discuss all of these down in the article.

1. Running of 1.6 Kms

This test measures your running ability. So, in this test, all the candidates are divided into groups. Also, these groups are not fixed. In other words, there is no pattern on how you will be picked in a group. Therefore, if you standing in the front line of a group that will be great. That’s why most of the people reach the ground early so that they can get to the front line.

You also get marks according to your completion time. Basically, there are 4 groups and have marks accordingly. Also, below we provide a table for you to go through it. We suggest you practice according to the timing.

Category Timing (minutes) Marks
Group-I 5:40 Mins and below 60
Group-II 5:41 Mins to 5:50 Mins 48
Group-III 5:51 Mins to 6:05 Mins 36
Group-IV 6:06 Mins to 6:20 Mins 24
Fail More than 6:20
2. Pull-Ups

This test is to measure your strength. Although, this is not like a normal pull-up. In this, you have to listen to them and act accordingly. In other words, when they say up only then you have to go up and go down on their command. Therefore, this thing makes this a little tough for the candidates. Also, you need to do at least 6 pull-ups to qualify this round.

However, if you can do more than 6 pull-ups, then you will get marks accordingly. We also provide the table below for you. We suggest you do practice this more often.  As you can get good marks on the number of increased pull-ups.

Pull-Ups Marks
10 & above 40
9 33
8 27
7 21
6 16
Below than 6 Nil
3. Zig-Zag Balance

However, this round is to check your balance. Also, it doesn’t contain any marks on it. You only need to qualify for this round. Although, in this test, you will be asked to walk or run on a zig-zag platform. Hence, you have to complete it without falling from it.

4. 9 Feet ditch

Like zig-zag round, this round also doesn’t have any marks in it. However, you need to qualify for going to the next test. In this test, you just need to jump over a 9 feet ditch. Also, this is the final round of the Physical test. We suggest you practice it and clear it on your 1st attempt.

Medical Test

Firstly, we have discussed physical eligibility. So, If you have fulfilled those criteria then you have to make sure that you are medically fit. In most of the rallies both Physical, and Medical Tests are held on the same day. Also, they can be held on different days. To clear the Medical Test, it is very important for you to fulfill all the medical conditions.

Moreover, you will go under several medical tests to see if you are medically fit or not. Although, most of the candidates are rejected in Medical tests due to different medical issues. Also, some candidates are medically referred. In other words, that they have to come again after a few days for re-medical. After they have worked through their problems.

Also, we provide the full detail about the medical standards above. We suggest you check all of them very carefully.

Common Entrance Examination (CEE)/Written Test

This round comes after you clear the physical and medical test. However, most of the candidates are afraid of the written exam. As because it’s said that this is the toughest round for the Indian Army Technical. There will be 4 parts and the total marks will be 100. We also give the table below for more clarification.

Also, to give the Written test you must have the admit card with you. So, to know about the full details of admit card. You can check our article on the process of downloading the admit card 2022.

Subject Question Marks
General Knowledge 10 20
Maths 15 30
Physics 15 30
Chemistry 10 20

Note: All you need to get 60 marks for the written exam. But you will be selected on the basis of the merit list. So get as many marks as you can. Also, In your physical and written to secure your selection in the Indian Army.

However, the questions of PCM are of the 11th and 12th levels (CBSE pattern). So to get through this you have to score maximum marks. Or else the hard work done by you till now will be wasted. In the Indian Army Technical final merit list is based on the marks obtained in the written exam only. Also, no marks of PFT are added to the final merit list. Therefore, you have to focus on CEE to get on the merit list.

Some Bonus Marks for special candidates

However, there are some special categories that will be awarded some bonus marks in the CEE. We provide the table below.

Category Soldier Technical
Son of Serving (SOS) Soldier / Ex-Servicemen(SOEX) /Son-in-Law of a War Widow(SOWW) / Son of Widow (SOW) (One son only) 20 Marks
Sportsmen (National / State level) 20 Marks
NCC ‘A’ Certificate 05 Marks
NCC ‘B’& Certificate 10 Marks
NCC ‘C’& Certificate 15 Marks

Documents Required

There are some documents that are required at the time of the rally. So, read all the points and prepare all the documents accordingly.

  • Educational Certificate/Marksheet issued by the Recognized Education Board.
  • Domicile certificate with photograph issued by tehsildar/state government/SDM.
  • Also, the character certificate is issued by the Schools/colleges/universities.
  • Relationship Certificate issued by concerned Records Office (if any).
  • Also, if you have an NCC certificate.
  • Sports Certificate if represented in the following:
    • Represented India at the International level.
    • Also, if represented State at National Level.
    • Represented District at National Level.
    • Represented University Team or Regional Team at District Level.
  • Also, Aadhar card and 20 recent colored photographs.

Hopefully, you like this article on the Indian Army Technical Eligibility 2022. If you have any questions then please feel free to ask in the comments.

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