Indian Army Running Details – Running Time and Distance

Indian Army Running Details – Running Time and Distance: Physical Fitness test is probably the toughest part of the Indian army bharti. All the applicants that apply for the Indian army recruitment have to worry about the Fitness test. The physical fitness test includes running, pull-ups, ditch jump, and body balance.

All the details about running and the provisions for extra time and distance will be further provided in the article. Candidates should prepare a routine and follow it religiously to improve their physical efficiency and score well in the test. Consistent efforts and hard work are the keys to excel in the physical tests, and this article will prepare you for that.

Indian Army Running Details – Running Time and Distance

The Indian army running test will be around 1.6 km/1600 meters long and the candidates have to finish it in a given time. Along with running, there are other physical fitness test criteria too. The other tests included are Pull-ups, ditch jump, and body balance on a zig-zag surface. These physical tests are generally a part of the recruitment rallies that happen every year. The running details for different posts will be mentioned in the article. Some posts are Soldier GD, Tradesman, Clerk, Store Keeper, Technical, Nursing Assistant, Havildar, JCO, Religious teacher, and women military police.

In this article, a detailed description with a table along with the eligibility criteria for the Indian Army running will be provided. For each post, the criteria will be different, and provision for extra time in hilly terrain will be given. All the information in this article is genuine and taken from the official sources and website. Let us have a look at the paragraphs below and understand the time table for the Indian army running.

Indian Army Running Time and Distance For All Posts

This paragraph will discuss the running criteria for different posts and how could one get selected in it. A little information about other physical exercises along with running will be given, but the main focus of this article will be on the running selection criteria. So let us directly have a look at the table given below.

1.6Km Running for all Categories 

S.No. Timing Group Marks Allotted
1. Up to 5min 30sec I 60 marks
2. From 5min 31sec to 5min 45sec II 48 marks
3. Above 5min 45sec Fail


4. 1.6 km Hilly Terrain run and extra time provisions for it
(4.1) Between 5000Ft. – 9000 Ft. – Add 30 sec to all the timings
  Between 9000Ft. – 12000 Ft. – Add 120 sec to all the timings

If the age of the participating candidate is up to 30 years of age, then the qualifying time for running is up to 5min 45secs. Beyond 35 years of age, the required time to qualify is up to 6min 30secs.

1.6Km Running for Women Military Police 

The running eligibility for women military police candidates will be a little relaxed than that of men. For 1.6 km running distance, the timing that the women military police need to take is given in the table below.

S.No. Timing Group Marks Allotted
1. 7min 30sec I 60 Marks
2. Up to 8mins II 48 Marks
3. Above 8mins Fail

1.6Km Running for Religious Teacher

S.No. Timing Age Group (25 – 34 Years)
1. Up to 8 mins Qualification Requirement

Tips for Qualifying Indian Army Running Examination

To qualify the running examination, it’s very important to have a regular practice before the selection date. If you are preparing for army selection, then you should be aware of the selection process. You can get all the information about the eligibility criteria for the Indian army selection on our website. Finishing a 1.6Km race before 5mins is not an easy task and to prepare for this, the candidate should start practicing early. Below given are some tips, that will help in preparing for your physical selection process.

  • Always be positive about your approach and think yourselves as the winner.
  • The ground available for running is 400m and 4 rounds are required to complete the race. So, keep track of the time you waste while turning, if 4 steps are wasted in 1 round, then in total you will suffer 16 steps, which is a huge margin.
  • Always run on your toes and keep track of the number of steps in 1 round. Keep track of your steps in all the rounds and then total it, and you will get the total steps in 1600 meters. This way you will have an idea about the number of steps in the race and it will be easier for you.
  • Maintain a fixed distance from your competitor and always stay on the right side. To overtake other candidates, it is important to do it from the right side and this takes some extra steps. So, to avoid it, try to stay on the right side of the other candidate and overtake when required.

The above-given information was about the Indian army running details. If you’ve any doubts or complaints regarding the content. Then, please comment below and let us know, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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