Indian Army Religious Teacher Eligibility 2022 – Age, Height, Chest, Weight

Indian Army Religious Teacher Bharti Rally 2021: To begin with, if you are thinking to join the Indian Army. As a religious teacher then this is the place for you, so keep reading and find out everything. Firstly, let’s see what is a religious teacher and what is their job in the army.

So, Religious Teachers teach about the religious scriptures to the troops. And also conduct various rituals at Regiment religious institutions. Also, their duty is to attend the funeral and attend to the sick in the hospital. They also go see soldiers who are undergoing sentences.

There are many posts that come under this, so make sure you know all about them before applying. However, we discuss all the main things for you in this article. Although, all the vacancies are vary depending on the post. In other words, some category has more vacancy than others.

Indian Army Religious Teacher Eligibility 2022

Religious Teachers are those who know all about the scriptures and also can carry out many rituals. So, it is a very important post in the Indian Army. Likewise, religion is an important thing in India for all Indians. So, in this article, we discuss all the eligibility and selection processes for you.

In other words, we discuss all the criteria you need to fulfill. Like Educational, Age, Nationality, Physical, Medical, and Written. To apply for this post you need to fill the online form and also pay the fee in online mode. We suggest you visit the official website of the Indian Army for form filling.

So, after filling the form wait for some days to get the admit card. Although, if you face any problem in downloading the admit card. Then you can see our article on the process to download it. That is the Indian Army Admit Card. Now let’s discuss all the criteria in detail, so you can have a clear idea about it.

Educational Criteria

So, here we discuss the educational criteria.

Post Required
Pandit and Pandit (Gorkha) for Gorkha Regiment Hindu candidates with Acharya in Sanskrit or Shastri in Sanskrit with a one-year diploma in “Karam Kand”. Or BA in Sanskrit/Hindi as a main subject.
Granthi Sikh candidates with “Gyani” in Punjabi. Or BA in Punjabi as a main subject.
Maulvi (Sunni) and Maulvi (Shia) for Ladakh Scouts Muslim candidates with Maulvi Alim in Arabic or Adib Alim in Urdu. Or BA in Arabic/Urdu as the main subject.
Padre Christian candidates who have been ordained priesthood by the appropriate ecclesiastical authority. And are still on the approved list of the local Bishop.
Bodh Monk (Mahayana) Buddhist (Mahayana) candidates who have been ordained Monk/Buddhist Priest, by the Appropriate Authority. Also, you should be in
possession of Geshe (Ph.D.) of Khanpa or Lopon or Rabjam with proper
certificate from Monastery.

So, follow the table and see if you are eligible or not. There are various posts and some required things according to them are given in the table also. So, make sure you meet these criteria, or else you will be rejected from the post.

Age Criteria

So, here we discuss the age criteria

Post Age Limit
Civilian Candidates 27-34 years (born between 01 Oct 1984 and 30 Sep 1991)
Serving Combatants on Remuneration 25-34 years (born between 01 Oct 1984 and 30 Sep 1993)

So, according to the table, your D.O.B has to lie between the age limit. Also, both the dates are inclusive.

For service candidates applying for re-mustering, the minimum qualification will be 10+2.

Nationality Criteria

All unmarried male Indian citizens (including Nepal) are eligible for the post. Also, you must have the id-proof of yours, released by the Indian government.

Physical Criteria

However, to clear this you need to be in good shape. So, that you can easily clear it and gain more marks and make your place on the merit list. We also provide all the things you need to know about this in the table below. Hence, all the things like height, weight, and chest are in the below table. So, you have a clear idea about it.

S. No. Category Height Weight Chest
1 For General 160 50 77
2 Ladakhi region candidates 157 50 77
3 Gorkhas 157 48 77
4 Andaman & Nicobar Island, Lakshadweep Gp incl Minicoy 155 50 77

However, all these things you need to know before filling the form. So, if you fall under any of these categories then see your measurements as well.

Medical Criteria

So, after the physical criteria here comes the medical one. Meanwhile, in this one, they check your body whether you are medically fit or not. As a soldier you need to be fit physically and medically also. Although, you can be referred while they check you up, so it doesn’t mean they are going to reject you. In other words, they can refer you to the hospital for curing your problem. We provide some points below for more details.

  • You don’t have any injury in your body internal or external also.
  • You must have proper dental points i.e. 14 dental points.
  • Also, you don’t have any issues related to the lungs, kidneys, bones, etc.
  • Your chest should be well-developed also at least expand to 5 cm.
  • Also, you don’t have knock knees, flat feet, etc.
  • Also, you should not have diseases like deformity of bones, hydrocele, and varicocele, or piles.

There are also some other medical standards. So, to know all of them you can check here the full list of medical standards.

Selection Process

In this section, we are going to discuss all the processes which are included in this. So, for joining in this post you need to give 3 tests. That is Physical, Medical, and Written. You need to clear all these tests to be selected in the Indian Army. Before these tests, you need to do little more steps like registration and document verification. We also provide the details about them down below.

  1. Physical Fitness Test (PFT).
  2. Medical Test.
  3. Common Entrance Exam (CEE) or Written Test.

Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

However, this is the first test conducted by the Indian Army. This is done after you fill the form online and get admit card. Afterward, you need to reach the rally ground for this test. They make groups for this test, and you have to cross all the other people in the group.

So, that you can qualify in this round. In this round, you have to run 1.6 Km within a time limit. Remember that 1 second late is also considered a failure. So, make sure you complete this before the given time. We also discuss the time limit, groups according to that down below in a table.

Category Timing (minutes) Marks
Group-I 5:45 Mins and below 60
Group-II 5:46 Mins to 6:00 Mins 48
Fail More than 6:00

Medical Test

After the physical is done then this test takes place. However, sometimes it happens on the same day if they have much time remaining. Although, it mostly held on a different day. Also, to clear this test you need to be in proper shape and don’t have any problems.

Meanwhile, please check the medical criteria we provide for more details. As we said earlier some of the candidates can be referred by them. So, it doesn’t mean they are rejected. They just have to come back for the re-medical on a date given to them.

So, if you get referred don’t panic or be discouraged about anything. If you properly treat your problem you can easily clear this test.

Common Entrance Examination (CEE)/Written Test

In this test, there is a total of 2 papers. The first one is of G.A (General Awareness). And the second is from the related field of the post you filled. You need to get at least 40 marks in each to pass the exam. However, we suggest you get more marks, so you can easily qualify for the merit list. The total number of questions is 100 each will be 2 marks. We also provide a table below for more clarification.

Parts Subject Question Marks
1 General Awareness 50 100
2 Specific to religious denominations as applied by the candidates 50 100
Passing Marks 40 each
Total 100 200

So, as you can see from the table every question is 2 marks. Also, all these questions are objective types. In other words, all the questions are choice-based, you just need to tick the answer. So, we suggest you do more practice for this exam for gaining more marks. Or else your time and work will go to waste.

Regarding Tattoos/Engraving

However, all permanent body tattoos are only allowed on the inner face of the forearms. In other words, from the inside of the elbow to the wrist & on the opposite side of the palm/ hand. Otherwise, they will reject you from the test.

You can check here the full detail of the tattoo policy of the Indian Army.

Hopefully, you liked this article on Indian Army Religious Teacher Eligibility. We hope it helps you with the idea for the post. So, if you have any doubt then feel free to ask in the comment.

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