Indian Army Online Form Application & Registration 2022

Indian Army Online Form Application & Registration 2022, join Indian army rally bharti online registration.

The sense of pride that one can get in wearing the Indian army uniform, can not be matched by anything in the whole world. The attitude and personality of an army men is so inspiring that everyone wants to be like them, and maybe this is the reason why most of the youngsters dream of joining Indian army at least once in his/her lifetime. One can join Indian army in different trades like GD (General Duty), Clerk, Tradesmen (8th & 10th level), NA (Nursing Assistant), Technical etc.

The process of joining in any of the above mentioned trade is same, and the very first step in the selection process is online registration & then online application. If this is your first time, then you need to register yourself first on the official website of Indian army ( The complete process to make your profile in official army website is given in this article.

Indian Army online form

Indian Army Online Form Application & Registration 2022

Earlier there was no registration involved, interested candidate would just have to reach the bharti venue to participate in the rally. But, this process was time consuming, and if a candidate was not eligible then his time and efforts would go in vain. After the introduction of online registration, things have gotten a lot easier and organized.

The process is simple, before you can apply for any rally or bharti, you need to make a one time registration on army website. In other words we can say that you have to first make profile on official website, and then you can apply for the upcoming recruitment that you are eligible for.

Things To Do Before Online Registration

Before you go on applying online for army, there are few important things that you need to take care to avoid problems while registering.

  1. Don’t use mobile: It is true that army online registration can be done through mobile, but since the army website is not mobile friendly, therefore, it can get really difficult and you may miss some information. This is why we suggest not to use mobile, use a laptop or desktop instead if possible.
  2. Fast internet: Applying with a slow internet connection can lead to form crash which means that your form will be submitted with incomplete registration. What will happen?
    1. Since your form was submitted incomplete, therefore, the system will not make your profile and you can not login and apply for any bharti.
    2. You can not apply again with same information, if you do, the system will show that the information already exist. So, if you want to avoid this trouble, then try to apply with a fast internet connection.
  3. Good browser: If possible, then try to use a good browser like google chrome or Mozilla Firefox as these browsers can handle heavy process. Also, make sure to enable JavaScript for joinindianarmy website.
  4. Before initiating the registration process, delete the cache of the browser that you are using to apply. While filling the form, try not to keep the system ideal for long.

Try to stick to these suggestions, and you will be all good to register. Don’t avoid these points, they are here for a reason.

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Documents Required For Army Online Form

Giving correct information while making profile on official website is very important, we recommend to keep the following documents with you in digital and physical form. You will need to upload some of these documents, also, you can tally the entered information from the documents to check if everything is correct.

  1. Adhar card.
  2. Domicile.
  3. High school certificate.
  4. High school mark sheet (and higher class mark sheet if applying for trades that need higher qualification).
  5. 1 latest passport size scanned photo (size: 10kb – 20kb, format: JPG).
  6. 1 scanned photo of your signature (size: 5kb – 1o kb, format: JPG).
  7. An active mobile no. to receive OTP. Important messages will be sent on this number, so it’s better if it is your personal number.
  8. A working email ID. It’s recommended to give your personal email, this email will be your user ID.
  9. If you have special documents like relation certificate, NCC certificate etc. then keep them with you.

Note: Documents like NCC certificate & relation certificate are not necessary, if you have them then it’s fine, otherwise you can register without them.

Steps For Indian Army Online Registration

Now documents and important instructions are out of the way, we can now focus on the steps or process of army online registration. Ensure that you follow all the above mentioned point before initiating the online registration process.

# Step 1

Visit official website of Indian army ( and click on the “JCO/OR apply/ Login” button in green color.

Indian army online registration process step 1

# Step 2

In the new tab a login form will open. Since, this is your first time, therefore, you  need to first register yourself or make a profile. To do that, you  need to click on the “Registration” button present on the left side.

Indian army online registration process step 2

# Step 3

A new page will open in which important instruction for online registration are given in Hindi and English. Read all the information carefully and click on “Continue” button.

Indian army online registration process step 3

# Step 4

A form will be loaded on your screen in which following details will be asked: your name, mother’s name, father’s name, date of birth and personal email ID. Fill in all the details correctly as they are on your documents and then click on “Submit” button.

Indian army online registration process step 4

Once all these information are submitted successfully, an OTP will be sent on the email that you had given. Check you inbox and copy that OTP. If you don’t see the OTP in your inbox, then do check the spam folder of your mail. If you don’t receive the OTP within 5 minutes, then generate again the OTP from army website.

# Step 5

In the new tab enter the OTP and click on “Submit” button. To regenerate the OTP, click on “Again generate OTP” button.

Indian army online registration process step 5

# Step 6

Again a new tab will open with a form. Fill all the details as per your documents. Remember the information once submitted can not be changed, so cross check each and every information before saving it. In the same form you will be asked to make a password for your profile, save that password somewhere so that you don’t forget it.

Indian army online registration process step 6

After this step your one time registration will be done on army website and your profile will be made. You can login any time you want.

Note: Incomplete registration or site crash are common problems that may occur during online registration due to slow internet connection or other reasons. If you are experiencing any such problem, then see the FAQ section of this article for solution.

Indian Army Bharti Online Form Application

Once you make a profile then you can login anytime you want and fill the army online form for any bharti that your are eligible for. Here is how you can apply online for any rally or recruitment (continuing from the previous steps):

# Step 7

If you continue on after registration, then after saving all the information new form will appear in which more details are asked. The information you fill in this form will determine which trade and rally you can participate in. After filling the information click on the “Check eligibility” button.

Indian army online registration process step 7

# Step 8

Now, a list of trades will open and a green “Apply” button will appear in front of the trades that you are eligible for & for which the online application will be open.

Indian army online registration process step 9

# Step 9

A new page will open mentioning all the important instruction, read them carefully & click on “Continue”.

Indian army online registration process step 10

On this page you can see 5 tabs at the top: instruction, personal information, communication details, details, educational details. You can jump to any of these tabs to changes information before submitting the form. But, once the form is submitted, then you can not change any information.

# Step 10

After “Instruction”, next tab is “Personal information”. Some of the details are prefilled and rest you have to fill. In this tab mainly your personal information will be asked.

Indian army online registration process step 11

# Step 11

Next tab is “Communication details”. In this tab you need to fill out details like your address and others.

Indian army online registration process step 12

# Step 12

In the “Details” tab information regarding relaxation certificate are asked.

Indian army online registration process step 13

Indian army online registration process step 14

# Step 13

“Educational tab” is the final tab in which you need to give all your educational details.

Indian army online registration process step 15

# Step 14

After giving all education details the system will check if you fulfill the percentage criteria for the selected trade.

Indian army online registration process step 16

If the system will notify if it do not find you eligible for the selected trade, and it will show the list of other trades that you can apply. You can click on “change application” link and start over the application process for other trade.

# Step 15

Your application is now ready to be submitted. Make sure each and every information is correct and as per your documents. Information once submitted can not be changed, so, be absolutely sure. If you think your form is good and ready to submit, then you can submit it right away. Or if there is some problem, then you can do it later.

Indian army online registration process step 17

# Step 16

After submitting the army application form, it will show the summary of information page where all important details as mentioned on your form are shown. Click on the PDF icon at bottom right to take a print out of  your application. Do not your reference no. for future use.

Indian army online registration process step 18

Indian army online registration process step 19

Indian army online registration process step 20

And with these simple steps you can easily fill army online form for any bharti. Now lets see the common problems that people face while applying online and their solutions.

Problems In Filling Army Online Form (FAQ’s)

Encountering problem while online application is common, this is why we have covered some of the most common problems and their solution.

Problems in filling army online form solution
Q. Army website crashed while i was filling form. How can i complete my form?

Sol. Contact your regional office, only they can help you now. Also, don’t try to register again, the system will not accept the same information again.

Q. I filled wrong information in my application form. How can i change it?

Sol. The only way to make any changes to submitted information is through feedback form. On the official army website go to the feedback form, login with your id and comment your problem there. They will change or add new information to your form.

Q. Why am i getting a blank page when i am trying to login?

Sol. It must be some kind of server error, delete your browser’s cache or try to login with different device. If this don’t solve your problem, then mention your problem via feedback form of army website.

Q. I forgot my user name and password, how can i login now?

Sol. You can recover both your user name & password. To recover user id you will need to have your registered mobile no. and high school certificate no. and once the user name is recovered then you can recover your password from there.

If you don not have your registered mobile no. then the only way to recover your user name is to contact your regional army office.

These are some of the common quarries that we mostly get regarding army online application and registration. Feel free to drop a comment if you have any other query, we will be obliged to help you.

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