Indian Army GD Sample Papers 2022 In Hindi

Hi there! looking for Indian Army GD Sample Papers, good you are in the right article. In this article, we are going to provide you the sample papers for your exam preparation. In other words, this article will help you in your preparation & complete your dream to join the Indian Army. Check Indian Army GD eligibility to know about your chances to join indian army as a general duty soldier.

The Indian Army is one of the few armies in the world that never started a war in the first place. They only fought to defend the country from infiltration or to help allies. Moreover, the Indian Army considered the best army on the high elevation, jungle combat, & mountain warfare.

Indian Army GD Sample Papers – Soldier GD Practice Paper in Hindi

However, all the candidates have a brilliant opportunity to join the Indian Army GD after clearing the written exams. Moreover, many candidates have doubts about how & what types of questions are going to come in the exams. You can clear your all doubts here.

Before in time, if anyone wants to join the Indian Army then they have to visit the ground personally, but now first a candidate has to register themselves on the online website of the Indian Army, & then have to fill the online form for the post.

If you want to clear the CEE (Common Entrance Examination) or in other words, the written exam of Indian Army GD, then we provide the Indian Army GD Sample Papers for you to go through it & prepare for the best.

Indian Army GD Sample Papers with explanation

The sample papers given below will help you to prepare for the exams, these sample papers can be helpful to crack the exam. Sample papers are helpful for all the types of exams for you. By these, you can understand the level of questions asked in the exams and prepare accordingly.

Sample Papers
Indian Army GD Sample Paper – Practice Set 1
Indian Army GD Sample Paper – Practice Set 2
Indian Army GD Sample Paper – Practice Set 3
Indian Army GD Sample Paper – Practice Set 4

Tips to prepare for the Indian Army GD – Written Exams

Firstly, you have to clear phase-1 i.e. Indian Army physical exam. After clearing it you will be called for the written exam which is probably 1 month after the rally. You will have 1 month time to prepare for the written exams, Not to worry about anything you can still clear the exam with very ease, you just need to make a strict schedule.

But first, you should be aware of the syllabus of Indian Army Gd i.e.:

  1. General Knowledge.
  2. Mathematics.
  3. General Science.
  4. Reasoning.

You can also check our other article on Indian Army GD Syllabus 2021 – Exam Pattern, Subjects.

Some tips to Prepare for the Indian Army GD Written Exam:

  • Make a time table for the preparation of all the subjects.
  • Give more time to hard subjects
  • Memorize at night, Practice in the day.
  • Start with easy topics.
  • Use tricks to remember important Days & Dates.
  • Read a newspaper thoroughly on the daily basis.
  • Make notes of important topics.

Let’s discuss some point of how to prepare for the Indian Army GD written exam below:

  1. Be regular – You should be very regular with your routine whether it is running or reading. Regular studying has its own benefits i.e. you are very confident on the day of your exam.
  2. Divide time & subjects – Divide your time in hours like 1 hour of study in the morning, 1 hour in the afternoon, & 1 hour in the evening, & 1 hour at night. Likewise, you can divide your subjects too like Monday will be English, Tuesday will be Maths, etc.
  3. Solve the sample papers – Solve all the sample papers we provide here, & also find more papers & try to solve them.
  4. Don’t forget to revise – Keep a separate notebook just for making notes. Keep them short & understandable so, you can easily understand them at the time of revision.
  5. Newspaper reading – Read at least 1 newspaper daily to keep your General Knowledge up to date. Newspapers are very helpful for your memory to memorize what you read.
  6. Quality Sleep & Diet – You can make a schedule for the Sleep & Diet. Sleep early at night & wake early in the morning. Likewise, eat proper breakfast & light dinner at night.
  7. Take a break –  Take small breaks in between the study sessions, try different exercises or yoga to cool your mind. You can also try to play some outdoor games or going for a walk.
Note: Take an off every 2 weeks to cool your mind, too much of anything is dangerous to the health.

Points to remember :

Be updated

Since you have to study or prepare for the General Knowledge subject, so, you have to keep yourself updated. Because there is 30% of the questions are from G.K. Keep making notes on the daily basis for all the current affairs & events happening in India/World especially in Armed Forces. You can purchase a weekly magazine to keep yourself more updated.

Don’t Distract from your Ultimate goal

You can easily be distracted from your surroundings, so, make sure you are in a calm place with no distraction to you. Also, keep your mobile phone switched off while studying. Try to focus on the time table you made for yourself.

Link things for better understanding 

As you know there is a vast syllabus for you to cover, & it is very difficult to remember everything like dates or names. So, for remembering different types of things link them from your surroundings like if you want to remember some important person’s name you can link it to a person you know.

Likewise, there are many tricks to remember different dates & days, just note down all the tricks and revise them whenever you have the time.

Be connected to everybody

However, doing preparation doesn’t mean you have to break a connection with everyone. Keep it mix with fun & practice. Go out with friends, family to new places to visit. Do yoga for the relaxation of the body.

Do meditation for the relaxation of your mind & keep your stress level in control, be positive for everything & don’t take pressure about the exams or results. Just give your 100% and you will be able to clear any exam.

Hopefully, this Indian army gd sample paper article helps you to become a soldier of the Indian Army, If you have any doubts feel free to ask in the comments section, we are here happy to help you in any way possible.


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